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Hello, could someone please help me with an income support query?

Hi all, Im 36weeks pregnant and applied for income support when I was 29weeks. Me and my partner have struggled so much for the last 7weeks and have hardly survived due to rent bills etc and can now say we have NOTHING in our banks. We were FINALLY contacted about income support two days ago (I had been phoning every two days to hear "they havent made their decision yet") and they said we are eligble for income support. They said we get paid 14TH JUNE 2011!! WE ARE NOT even in June!! they said they will start our claim and will NOT give us our back pay for the seven weeks! our baby is due on June 18th...we have NOTHING for food in our nothing....I have foned income support countless times since....they were shocked to see we were refused back pay and promised to sort it...then when they phone back(someone higher phones back) they say they will not pay us...there is NO reason behind it!! Now we have to live on crisis loans and we do not know what to partner and myself are 19 and he has 6 exams left until he finished his Alevels. What are we to do? Has anyone been in this position?? Please help me :? :? :?


  • Hi hun,

    Sorry to hear you are having a really bad time at the mo. Is the reason for them not paying up until 14th June is because they are classing your partner as a full time student until this date?

    Once your benefit is payable you can have gas/elec taken from your benefit if you wanted to etc. Also have you tried housing benfit etc.

    You can also appeal against the decision not to pay you from the date you claimed.

    Hope you get sorted really soon xx
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