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Maternity pay and unemployment


I am needing a bit of advice, I am currently on maternity leave and due to go back to work in October. However I am constantly being called and emailed by my employer pressuring me to go into work to use all of my 'keep in touch' days.

I have explained I don't want to go in, I want to spend this time with my son!

Does anyone know what would happen to my maternity pay if I were to hand my notice in now rather than return to work in October?

Thank you xx :?


  • Hi hun,

    It depends what type of maternity pay you are getting.

    If you are on Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP), your employer cannot stop paying it. You will carry on receiving it for the rest of the 39 weeks for which it was due.

    If you are getting Contractual Maternity Pa (CMP)y, then check your contract or your company's leave policy if you have one, as it is possible that your employer is allowed to stop paying it. However, the SMP element of the CMP should still be paid to you, even if the enhanced part stops.

    In some cases, CMP is repayable if you resign, but SMP is never repayable. Check your contract or company policy.

    I hope this helps image
  • Hi,

    Thank you, yes it helps.

    I just get SMP they dont contribute anything. I work for a really small company so typically there isnt anything in my contract about maternity pay!!

  • im not good at explaing stuff but if your notice period is say 4 weeks, you can hand your notice in 4 weeks before your due back. my notice period at work is only 1 week-helpful if i win the lottery,lol!
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