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Any advice please?


My hubby and I want to try for a baby beginning in October this year, and the plan is that if I fall by February, we'll let my contract come to an end in August and then I will be unemployed for a while until I'm ready to return either part or full time.

The websites I've been on arent very clear as to what our options are financially and what we'd be able to get, so I thought I'd ask people who have possibly been in the same situation.

My husband works 40 hours a week for a salary of about 15,000, and I have been earning over 20,000 for the past 3 years, but I would go to earning nothing.

Any body any ideas?


Gem x


  • Hi.

    Sorry, if im being silly here... Are you saying that you would let your contract end in august, therefore not receiving any maternity pay when your baby is born?

    I know that some workplaces who offer extra maternity pay on top of statutory maternity pay have in your contract that you must go back to work for them after you finish your leave or pay it back, but i'm pretty sure you would only have to pay back anything extra that they paid on top of smp... Sorry I'm not explaining this very clearly am i?!

    I think smp at the moment is around ??123 per week (for the first six weeks its 90% of your average earnings).

    If you did decide to end your contract, you would probably be entitled to maternity allowance from the government, which is roughly the same amount as smp.

    I believe you would get a fair amount in tax credits, (based on your partner being sole income of 15k) to find out roughly how much you can google "tax credits calculator" and put in your details as if you had already stopped working, and have a newborn baby, to get an idea.

    If you do receive maternity pay when your baby is born, you can claim tax credits as if you are working (maternity leave is classed as working, even if you dont go back after).

    Also you could possibly get housing benefit if renting or council, if mortgage you can get help with payments but just on the interest, and possibly council tax benefit.

    Alice x
  • Are you on a temporary contract?If you're consider permanent or employed through an agency on a permanent basis then you'll be entitled to maternity pay. If not then it'll be maternity allowance which is about ??128 per week. I'm covering maternity cover at the moment and my contract is due to finish in December. My boss looked into it to see if I was entitled but as i'm only a temp contact i'm not.

    You'll get child benefit (??80 every four weeks) and child tax credit - you can check this out on on their benefits calculator. It'll also tell you if you're entitled to council tax and housing benefit.

    As a guide I already have one child and due my second in January, and my hubby earns around ??30k. We will receive ??128 per week maternity allowance, ??40 per week child tax credit and ??113 per 4 weeks child benefit. i envisage this will give me ??800 income plus my hubby's salary.

    Obviously with our government it could all change but this is what I've worked out from Direct gov.
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