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Really worried about money

I'm 10 weeks pg and havent been with my partner for long so werent living together. We both work full time on low wages and I'm thinking I'm going to better off with him not living with me. I'll lose most of my WTC and unless he gives me half his wage his wage will not make this up. I own my own house and have a mortgage to pay so cant afford to lose that amount of money especially when I go on maternity and will only get half my wage.

I'm so stressed and dont know what to do for the best.


  • Hi Angel

    Will you definitely only get half your wage when you go on mat leave, check your contract? My employer is 90% for the first 6 weeks (which I'm sure everyone gets) and then half pay for the next 12 weeks plus the mat pay, which only puts me down a bit and then mat pay for the rest of the weeks. I can afford to take 5/6 months off which is better than nothing. You'll also get your family allowance (not sure if it's still called that) of around ??80 every 4 weeks and I also got the tax credit, which worked out around ??90 every 4 weeks for the first year, then ??40 for the remainder. If you are both on low wages, you should get more than that as me and hubby were earning around ??38k between us and still got that amount. I'm sure you can work it out on the directgov website


    C xx
  • check ur entitlements on 'entitled to' hun.

    sorry to hear ur worried, we manage on only 1 wage as childcare in our area is a joke.

  • Hi just thought i would say im sorry to hear your dilema but remeber you will get ctc and child benefit once your baby is born, so this will help too. are you in the position to be able to take a short morgage holiday? if you truely feel its better to not live together at the koment then how about make a plan for your partner to move in once your back at work?-time will fly once baby is here and he can still stay with you for 3 nights a week, and you with him. me and my now hubby didnt live togetehr unitl my eldest was 8 months (we only got togetehr when i was 6 months pregnant) but it worked very well xx
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