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Child Benefit & SMP help !!!

Hi Folks

I am pregnant with my first so am new to all this financial help stuff, my mum mentioned that you can claim child benefit and was explaining what it is however we was unsure if you claim this during or after SMP or at the same time....

Every little helps I guess so I was curious for any answers?




  • You can claim child benefit as soon as you have registered the birth and yes you do get it whilst getting SMP. As far I'm aware the only thing that would stop child benefit is earning too much. Child tax credit is also available to you but only if you earn under ??40k. I think it works that child tax credit you lose if you both earn ??40k, but child benefit you lose if you earn ??40k individually!I claim child benefit (??82 every four weeks) but can't claim child tax credit as hubby and I earn over ??40k. Does that make sense? The Directgov website is really helpful and has a tax credits calculator so you can work out what, if anything you're entitled to.
  • You are entitled to SMP if you notify your employer of you due date in writing 15wks before (MAT B1 form which you should receive from MW at 25wks). You can also apply for Child Benefits from the benefits office & Child Tax Credits from the taxes office (they have to be dealt with seperately these days). You'll receive an application form for both these within your 'bounty' pack once you have given birth. Both can be backdated upto 3mths so you don't have to worry about it straight away (which can be a blessing whilst adjusting to your new addition in your home). Hope this helps.
  • Hi

    Many thanks for this, we both earn over 40k at the moment, but not individually so will look into it but thank you for the information and I know more of were to look now.

    Thanks again

    : o )
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