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preggers on maternity leave - Need help on what im entitled too! anyone?


Bit confusing i think i get it but if anyone is knowledgable on this would really love some help!

So i anm currently on maternity leave my SMP finishes 28 march 12 my additional mat leaver finishes 28 June 12.

My new due date is 9th sepetmber 12

I figured out that if i went back to work in march i would be entitle to SMP again as i would be eorking for 8 weeks before the 15 week of the Due date but i cant work with 2 kids.

I need to know that if i handed in my notice say in apri/may i would be unemployed from june.

As i would have been in continual work for 26 weeks (outta the past 66 weeks) does that mean i would be entitled to MA (which is pretty much the same pay as my SMP anyway) ?

This pregnancy was unplanned due to a failed MAP so i need to sort out our finances image

Any help or confirmation that i have that right would be greatly appreciated! lol

Kayleigh 4+5
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