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if i am eligible for Maternity Alowance? Please help.

Hi everyone!

I am working as a cashier in store for over 2 years now park time, which makes me eligible for Statutory maternity payments, right?

But the company policy states that after my maternity I must return to work for at least 6 month? I am planning to find different job after maternity, something related to my degree (I will have 1 year experiance as intern in accounting company) because at the current job sometimes I have to work untill 9.30 and I get minimum wage as well.

My question : If I quit my job a month before baby due, can I apply for Maternity Allowance??



  • By law your entitled to 39 weeks smp and 13weeks unpaid leave.

    Have you checked out the direct gov website.....great info on there.

    Good luck.
  • .....I'm not 100% on the 13weeks unpaid.....but aslong as your earning enough you should get SMP for 39weeks image
  • Hey vera86

    If you have 2 years service you will qualify for SMP. Does your company offer additional pay on top of that? If they do they may say you need to go back after if not you will have the pay the additional maternity pay back? That is what they mean when they say you have to return for 6 months maybe? If they don't it would be unreasonable to make you go back and do not have to pay back SMP.

    You can go on maternity leave 11 weeks before expected due date so rather than quit just go on maternity leave and then resign at the end of the 39 weeks.

    Hope this helps. Good luck

  • Obv's this depends on you earning more than ??107 per week as part of the qualifying criteria. Sorry should have said that!!
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