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what would you do if you had some money?

Hi well this is really bizarre but I'm due to get some money and I have so many things I could spend it on I don't know what to do with it!! Its not a life changing ammount but fo me its huge (just over a £1000)
I could pay off a debt but I'd just switched it to 0% and should have it paid off by the time the 0% ends. I wanted to invest  but its not worth enough to do that. I thought I could save up some more and put it toward something really good but I can't really afford to save and what would I get anyway!!
I'm just worried that it will get wasted - like this month our fridge freezer broke and next month my car tax and MOT are due so its going to be really tight to get by BUT I don't want the money just to dissapear into my terrible financial state! Does this make any sense.and I'm really sorry for all those who are in a worse financial state than me and are thinking silly cow I'll spend your money for you!
I don't buy clothes, cds, make-up, skincare, jewellery or anything material. I work hard - 3 jobs and I could really at a holiday but again the money would just be gone! What should I do??! any advice appreciated x


  • This may not be the answer you want to hear but I see no issue with you using the money to spend for things you need like a new fridge freezer and carr tax and MOT. It may feel like you're just throwing it away but in a way it's actually a very sound investment in your future. Anyway, call me boring but that's what I would do. 

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