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Can we do it?


First of all, Thankyou for reading this. My husband and I are at the stage were we think we are ready for a baby but there is so much panic around it and of course that is mainly around money. I know there is no right time and everyone will cope but I would appreciate real parent advice.

We have worked out that our worse case scenario would be having 70 a week 'fun money' once a baby arrives. Everything else would be paid for so that money would be our money for clothes and activities.


In all honesty, I think that's plenty and as soon as I start working it'll be better but I want someone to tell me what they think and if they think we will cope?

I do know it's a worry most people have but we want to do this all right and having never had a child we don't know if we are being naive thinking that'll be enough to have fun with our baby in the first year.


Thanks again for reading and any advice would be so gratefully recieved.



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