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Worried HOW will WE cope?

I'm pregnant and really early on in my pregnancy my partner works full time as a civil servant in the prison service. And I work temping at nurseries as and when required. MY BIGGEST WORRY and what is keeping me awake at night, is how will we cope? Will I be entitled to any financial help like Statoury Maternity Pay? Off the givernment as work won't pay me MP as not been there long enough. And I'm slightly classed as self employed.


Does anyone know what finance we are likely to recieve? My partner income is 18.000 a year. 


Thanks in advcance. xx


  • I'm unsure what you will be entitled too, I believe you need to have worked under a contract basis for 6 months to be entitled to SMP but I might be wrong!! You will be entitled to child benefits and as your husband is working - working tax credits too!! If you contact your local CAB they might be able to fill you in a bit better x 

  • Thank you. xx

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