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Maternity NHS Exempt Form Thing

Does anyone know when you get your Maternity NHS card to get free prescriptions and dental care?   I know you don't get your Maternity Certifiate until 20 weeks but think the NHS thing is different?   I didn't bother applying last time as I was with a private dentist, but I am on NHS dentist now and gave my midiwfe the form last week.  

I now have really bad tooth ache for a couple days and wondering when I get the form or if you can some how get refunded back dated?



  • Mine took a few weeks to come through from when I posted it. 

  • Mine was really quick. I think I handed the form in on a Monday to my gp surgery and had the card the following Saturday. x

  • It was waiting for me the day I got home from the dentists.  Luckily they were nice and let me off anyway so I don't have to bother faffing trying to claim it back.

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