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Hi, I just graduated from uni and worked part time in cineworld, me and my partner would like to move in together and I would like to know what benefit i can receive. Im on maternity leave atm and I worked 15 hours a week and eaned about £160 every two weeks and my partner earns £14,500 a year, which is roughly £1,200 a month with tax.  


  • I think you'd just continue to receive your maternity pay, then after baby is born you'd be able to claim child benefit and tax credits, working tax also if your partner works at least 24 hours per week. I'm sure if you went online there's a calculator to determine what you'd be entitled to as your house hold income isn't thst much x

  • Hi Pinkbutterfly2,

    Generally your SMP/MA will be based upon how long you worked with your employer before starting maternity leave (typically you have to be employed by the same employer for at least 26wks before to qualify).

    For other benefits you can talk to your local Citizans Advice Bureau (CAB) or there are calculators on websites such as & HMRevenue&Customs to give you some pointers as to what you may be able to claim.  Tax credits are due to be lumped into 'Universal Tax Credit' around October this year so be prepared that some calculators/advice given will take this into account.  Exactly what you get & how much you get all comes down to your individual circumstances.  Best wishes

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