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Maternity allowance

I was hoping someone could help me with some answers, I'm 26 weeks pregnant on Tuesday 27th August I've handed my employer my matb1 so they can give me my smp1 which I need to send of my maternity allowance form but there saying they don't have to give it to me until I go on maternity leave in 3 weeks time as can't apply until 4 weeks before my due date, I no this to be wrong and I'm getting quite worried that I will miss the deadline for MA as i am not entitled to SMP is there anything I can do about this?, and cos I am on a low income will I be able to get te sure start maternity grant I have no money saved and only have a few things I need for my little girl to arrive due 3rd December, can anybody give me some advice please x


  • Chrissie7 hi check out DWP website. You can apply for SMP from 14 weeks to your edc. If you do not have all the required info then state this clearly on the form.  Make sure you provide all your payslips that are required as this is needed to show your entitlement to SMP. Hope this helps image

  • Yeah theres a thing on the form that asks if youre sending ur matb1 form and smp1 form which u need from them to state why they won't pay u. Just tick no and where it asks why not, state they won't give them to you until you leave for maternity x

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