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To work or not to work

Hi currently I work full time Monday to Friday 9-6 I get paid 17,500 per year but after tax only works out to be 1200 or so. I've worked since I was 14 (I always had little jobs when in school etc) and I'm now 26, so the prospect of not being able to work is quite daunting. My office job is 'ok' but for talking to the other girls at work who have children they are paying approximately £480 a month In childCare! How awful, where is that actual incentive for mothers to return to work if child are costs so much! My baby is due on the 17th of may, and I will be taking full maternity (last 3 months unpaid of course) but what to after that, I dont know, I'm quite against taking a small baby to nursery, and I would like to be a full time mum until my child is at pre school, but we just seem to be up against it us women. If we work full time, we loose precious time with our baby, and have to pay an arm and a leg for the privellage, if we leave work and you have a partner who earns a decent wage (you get next to no support) and will then struggle to find a job Later on.  . . . . . For me to return to work I would have to put my baby into child care, as my partner works shifts, and both our parents work full time, oh what to do. Anyone else to there who's in the same position? Or have any advice? xoxox


  • Hiya hun,

    To be honest if i were you i wouldn't work simply cos surely you will only work to be paying for childcare? I work full time 9-5 but my salary is is a fair bit more at £36k a year so am currently trying to negotiate coming back part time. Is that an option for you? I suppose it wouldn't really be worth it?

    I would really think long and hard about it all but remember you don't need to make the decision yet, you still have an entire year of maternity ahead of you and I suspect that will make your mind up for you anyway as when your baby is here, you will begrudge going back! xxx

  • Hi Hun 

    thanks for you're reply, I could potentially work part time I suppose but they would probably make me move to another department like customer service which would be a lower paid job then I would definitely be working for nothing. I'm currently doing a nail technician course in the evenings at college which will finish just after I've had my baby so I suppose I could just focus on that, for abit of extra cash? It's really difficult image I low I'long or a long time to think about it but  I like to plan ahead to know what I'm doing, just feel really lost with it all. xoxo

  • I totally know what you mean! I like to plan ahead too but i reckon once baby is here, I won't want to ever go back!! The nail course is fantastic and will give you lots of flexibility so I would def focus on that as much as poss, you may find that it gives you enough of an income and the great thing is you can do that at home!!

    Have a long think but don't beat yourself up too much hun image You have lots of time ahead of you to make a decision and see if its worth it or not xxx

  • I went back part time and loved it, just 15 hours a week. Got a bit of help with childcare but as soon as she qualified for her free hours they took it away and told me I gave to pay almost 600 back. then I got made redundant at 9 weeks preg but as oh works I get absolutely no help at all, so I'll b back on job seekers when baby is 6 months old and after being out of work since July this year am unlikely to get a job. It really sucks x

  • Oh Hun I do feel for you, why on earth would you have to pay 600 pounds back, what's the justification for that'? Xxx 

  • 2 words, tax credits LOL. More hassle than they're worth xx

  • Really oh not that's a bummer is was blocking ithose pit as one of my options xxxx

  • It's a shame it seems these days you're better off if you choose not to bother working. Lots of people on my estate popping out kids and claiming benefits for it! And because I'm honest and choose to declare my partners earnings I get no help at all despite working full time since I was 15. I know lots of people who claim to live on their own when their ohs work and it makes me so angry! I had to go back to work for my sanity, I really loved it so maybe going back part time would be a good option for you and your employer has to consider it and give you a really good reason if they can't take you back on part tine. I don't even think they're allowed to give you a lower paid position either, theres a lot of rights for mums returning from mat leave x

  • tsk ow its disgusting really, I love my job and would love to stay, but you get financially crippled for working with sky height child are costs, when there are some people who haves kids to solely claim benefits and never have any intention of working! Xxxx

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