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Working after baby

Hi all, not sure if anyone will be able to help me but here goes... First baby is due in January and when I go back to work I'm not sure if I should go back full time. Right now I don't qualify for any of the pregnancy freebies my midwife goes on about or tax credits. Not sure about child tax credits and how to qualify for that other than a combined income of less than ??60k? When I go back to work it's looking likely the baby will be in child care because I can't afford to give up my job. What I was thinking though is if I went down to 4 days that will possibly make me qualify for working tax credits so although I'm losing a day a weeks pay I wouldn't be paying for childcare for that day and I'd possibly be entitled to tax credits. Has anyone else done this or thought something similar and it hasn't worked out? I don't mind taking a small cut if need be but not the full whack ????


  • Hi Essie86

    I hope that you are well, i have just recently joined the site and come across your post. Currently i am researching the regulations behind the question you have posted. Probably you have already resolved the matter as it was in June raised the concern. Definitely there are provisions under the employment act 2006 for working mothers returning from maternity leave to request flexi working conditions, ie working upto 30 hours a week in order to care for their newly born. I must admit the topic is pretty overwhelming. Looking forward to hear from you...

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