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NHS maternity pay

Ok so I know there have been a few historic posts about this but just wondered if anyone had any recent experience of nhs maternity pay. I'm a band 5 and am  specifically interested in how your qualifying perid was calculated? Did you have an option for equal payments and how much did you get per month (If your willing to share that info). Thanks in advance. 


  • I am on mat leave at moment at top of band five been qualified for 11 years now, my mat pay was spread over nine months equal payments however first payment was a shocking £900 then second £1100 then works out £1300 a month I've done my kit days towards end to increasewage which is major benefit.  hope that's of a help

  • Thanks for the reply. Were you offered it spread our or was did you have to ask for it?  id like to spread it out but I cant find anything about it in our trusts maternity policy. I know it's in AFC, so I was hoping they might allow it, but with it not been in policy I don't know. Also can I just check Re the qualifying weeks. As I understand it, it's the 2 months pay before the 25th week of pregnancy. My 25th week will be mid Feb, so the 2 months before will be Jan and Dec. obviously I then have to factor in enhancements from the months before. So I figure the enhance from Nov and Dec will be in the qualifying period. Does this sound right, or have I completely got it wrong! Oh and great tip about the kit days. I take it you get them paid in addition to maternity pay xx

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