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right my ex sons dad ay bothered in ages to go sobs meeting about his disabilities. And parents evening his new missus is vile makes hin go bk early when has son witch os odd occasionally now she refused asked if his child cud go to a party so missed out again and now he moved in with her he gets no money at all he cant sign on or try get jobs she works and has all the money n controlling I think he needs man up put his son first bit wont so where does that leave my son with csa cuz he ay getting no money ? Ty


  • I'm struggling to follow your question unfortunately but if he is not receiving income in form of benefits or employment then unfortunately there isn't anywhere for CSA to remove funds and they won't be able to assist you. 

  • My ex stopped working and works cash in hand Csa   can't do anything when they work cash in hand 

  • that's the think my ex dont work or sign on just lives on his gf wages so cnt do nothing till he gets a job by looks 😐 xx

  • :/ more fool the new gf eh to support him they way I always looked at it is that I'm proud I do it myself his loss my girls dad ain't even seen them for a year as annoying as its is takes two to make a baby :( 

  • his g f is spiteful. Too keeps changing plans when they meant have my son for wkend annoying deffo like u said there loss  few people warned me she will stop him seeing his kid tho xx

  • I know how it feels my exes now wife over the Years has been horrible to me some woman do like to take control I'm with a new partner now and he has kids I get on with his ex was hard at the beginning but when there's kids involved you have to try hope your ex comes to his senses soon 

  • mu husband exs am.vile we have his little one weekend but have him longer as she dont want him n dumps him on her mom all wk has all kind socail service. Involved n lost 2kids already for neglet load issues involved with her partner too we having court hearing and should be put o live with us soon there sorting it and not happy with her I tried get on with my exs new missus for sake my son but shes just not responsible. Alloud him watch zombies he's 5 n school went mad I told him not to let her let our son watch that lol xx

  •  That's Crazy ain't it fingers crossed court hearing goes well though ive got a 8 and 6 year old think zombies would give them nightmares 🙈lol 

  • I know my son suffers. Anxiety. And going through autistic. Spectrum. Assesment and has lots agression so zombies is the last thing lol xxxx

  • Oh bless him unapropriate for kids anyway let alone for anxiety problems 

  • exactly. Why I went mad hun xx

  • With right to aswell dont worry I'm sure you got told by the gf you was over reacting or something we know what's best for our kids 

  • Lmao yh well I said to ex Ile have a talk n she blocked me haha xxx

  • lol ahh well bet  really upset you being blocked lol so immature 

  • I

    i cried (sarcastic lol ) xxxx

  • Lol :)

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