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Hi all 

Please Can anyone give their honest thoughts and opinions this is driving me crazy 😢

We love each other but cannot afford to live with each other??? 

I moved in with little girl to  my partners house

I was entitled to tax credits and work self employed around my health problem and my daughter from home

He said not to worry about tax credits and my baking business and gave me a job

When i moved into his and his business took a bad turn after time he took the job away and said he cannot afford to keep me on this is after lots of cold shoulder treatment etc and horrible times rowing I moved into the spare room I felt like i was not wanted I was told I am a burden financially and much worse 😣 that he did not realise that having a family would be such a big commitment 😐 

Things got vile i had to leave he did not really try hard to stop me. I used my saving a and my daughter's to get away for a couple of breaks and move out of the area I was heart broken it was the biggest decision to move in with him and it was ruined. I had nothing as i sold it all to live with him. Buying everythibg again at 44  was horrible we only had toys and clothes 

He helped with furniture he had And gives £50 most weeks 

He contacted me in Turkey desperate to get his family back he was loving caring thoughtful sorry we made a list of the problems to work on. Those things have not really been dealt with yet as he is busy selling his house for us to move away and love better life. 

I heard from other ppl he hadan offer on house took it and going to Wales I was fuming I felt like last to know. I have  it been involved in anything to do with the sale since he contacted me to get back together. I am having a hard tome trying to make him see we need to do things as a couple. 

He came back from house viewing and said he may put an offer on...i have not seen it only in a photo really not feeling involved at all.

I been asking for reassurance for so long all I hear is i I am doing all this for us yet I am not told anythibg. 

Now he has said I need to earn enough to pay bills which I don't I did pay over half when I lived with him before half my wage. Plus all my daughter's things and my car phone etc I had nothing left. I did not mind though. Being together was all that mattered to me. He knows howy cervical spindylosis affects me though I managed to prevent flare ups a lot. I cannot hold down a full time job because it takes over my body on bad day. I cannot find a job that gives me school holidays off. I continue to work from home happy not not well off! I love being a homemaker and there so much to-do  homework cooking laundry shopping etc I never stop I am not sure how I can provide more money I do not want to move away and have same problems with him. 

So how can we move together? This is what I ask him and he does not know??? 

So basically the relationship will end because I do not have the money to contribute. I know it's coming and he will say it 

After all the stress to me and my daughter she moved school was getting bullied when we moved it broke me she has had too much to deal with from moving from his house we have been trying to heal ourselves he said we would all go away holiday but we have not. 

I do not understand. I gave up everything and now i feel like I was never enough. I cannot give him that one thing ONLY the little I earn

 It will never be good enough 

For him 

I be stuck in Wales or Cornwall with no job no tax credits only part time baking I struggle with my pains sometimes and much brain dog. 

Do I just end it 

I think He wants too but is worrying   


e n

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