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Hi, so I am currently 11 weeks Pregnant. I am suffering from morning sickness & heavy tiredness.

I recently signed up for JSA to help me out financially throughout pregnancy. I do have a couple of questions which I'm hoping you could possibly help me out with.

First of all, I have been given dates on which I need to attend Job Centre for my daily check-in with my advisor, However, some of the dates falls on midwife appointments & scans. I told my advisor this, However, he has asked me to change the dates of the scans & appointments which I don't feel I should be asked to do? Are they allowed to request this and expect it? 

If I fail to do so & miss an appointment due to a scan they said they would not pay me for that whole week. Is this even legal? Either way it doesn't seem fair at all.

Secondly, due to morning sickness being an immense struggle in the mornings they also require me to attend Job Club everyday in the week for 30minutes. As many of you know, doing this every morning is very harsh?

Is there a way around this? Okay, thanks.


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