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i'm not sure if i can post this here but i can't post on facebook as i have family but i'm getting so stressed out!!!! i fell pregnant in november 2016 i was so exited, i obviously told my twin and my mum first, (my twin just split up with her boy friend at this point as she's cheated) a few days past and she was exited for me and she said kept saying 'i want one' then i went for my 12 week scan she said the same, i took her to my antenatal and it made her want one even more, so she moved her boy friend back in (still telling us she doesn't love him) she had a days off work so i spent the day with her, we went shopping and she bought a pregnancy test which i was like eh? we got back to hers and she did the test, she was pregnant. i was so annoyed because she said she didn't want to be with her boy friend she had cheated on him with about 5 boys (most of his friends) but then i thought maybe she doesn't like my mum giving me attention (my twin gets my mum to do everything for her, hates her speaking/doing stuff for me) and i was right. shes now 20 weeks & im 30 weeks and she hates when people bring up my baby, she criticises everything i do, i don't have a job but my boy friend does so we can afford everything but we chose to go for the cheaper option, but because she has a job she goes for everything expensive, i get questioned on everything i get my baby, 'where have you got that from' 'how much was that' 'was it second hand' 'i wouldn't dare get anything second hand' oh and also she said when she went for her 12 week scan she hopes there's nothing there, it could have been disabled, she said she would get rid she 'wouldn't dare have a desabled child' more to the point am i wrong to want nothing to do with her anymore?? i'm sorry for the long post but i just need to speak to someone about it!!!😩😡☹️ 

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