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Working Hours after Maternity

I am currently 26 weeks pregnant with my 1st baby & trying to get organised with what hours I will do when I return to work after Maternity. I definitely want to return to work (and need to!) but I want a healthy balance where I can look after my baby & still afford to live. I haven't got a clue where to start so need a bit of help & advice

I don't know what benefits I would be entitled to or where to look? I have heard that sometimes if you work less than 16 hours you can end up better off than if you work more? I really hope that doesn't sound like I'm after every benefit I can get without working for it, I just want a healthy balance of work & motherhood without suffering more than I need to financially. 

I would really appreciate any help or advice you may have :)


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  • Hello Louise1000,

    It is very difficult to predict the future! I went back to work for the first time in 7 months this week. Only doing 4 shifts a week, including weekends as that is where the big bucks are. Do you have someone who can look after your little one while you're at work?

    Your best bet is to go into a Centerlink branch and talk it through with someone there. They are very helpful and will give you all of your options. 

    Don't feel bad for looking out for your little family. Hope it all works out. 

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