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No Sure Start Grant

Hi Girls, got my letter this morning saying that I wasn't entitled to the Sure Start Maternity Grant because I'm on the wrong benefit! I have been claiming contribution based Job Seekers and not Income based. :\( Anyway I hope that the rest of you are successful with your claims.


  • What a bummer Annie! I doubt I'll get it either, but can I ask... how long did it take to hear?
  • Hi, Annie!
    May be you should try claiming again once the baby is born as then it will depend on the tax credits you you will be able to claim as well. We do not qualify now but will try after baby is born (few days left - so excited)
  • Thanks for your replies, didn't think we would qualify for it but thought it was worth a try. It only took a week for the decision to come through so very efficient, unlike the department that deals with Maternity Allowance. It just makes me cross that I have worked for 12 years paying my taxes and because my husband is working I don't get to claim this money.
  • It says if your child tax credit is paid at higher rate (above ??545??) per year you can claim. If you dont but then it goes up once your 2nd is born, then its like gomorrah says.. you can retry then until the baby is 3 months old. If I dont get it now then I'll retry. Besides you get a lot more tax credits for a baby under the age of 1!!
  • It's really confusing and ridiculous as i have as well been working and paying my tax for years and when i fell pregnant i needed a bit of help as i couldn't work because of some health problems, i wasn't eligible for anything because my hubby works, but they didn't ask how much he earned and it was quite difficult for the time till i was able to get maternity allowance. Well, the most important thing is the baby to be healthy. And I think most families will qualify for the Sure Start as for the first year of your newborn you get double the child tax credit, as Funky says.So everyone should try and apply immediately after baby is born. You get 3 months to do this.
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