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Want to move to Europe. What do I do?

I am in real need of advice.

Every since I became pregnant myself and the father(seperated but willing to live together) have wanted to start a new life in Europe. we have been looking at Sweden. Great schools, a couple of friends there, still a short flight from family etc. 

However we‘re so worried that we are going to fail. 

i am a stay at home mum, he works in hostitality. I have a little saved and he does not. 

we have heard that there’s a long waiting list for flats and lots of competition. How do we get a place from here? There are also waiting lists for preschools. Is it possible to get a place soon after moving? 

Will we get by on such a low income? Should one of us train for a higher paid position? Should we do that here or there? Would we run out of money doing it there? Or would we run out of time (with brexit) if we did it here?

If I went there before brexit would I get support from the goverment? 

Fingers crossed there’s mums out there with the answers


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