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Advice desperate

edited Jan 5, 2020 10:43AM in Family finances
Hi I’ve just joined here so hope this post is ok 
im really struggling and don’t no where to go for help I’m on universal credit as a top up and partners on 0 hour contract he’s had no work for 2 weeks which means no money were due universal credit in 2 weeks but we have no food at all where can we get help we’ve tried food bank but they can only give 2 parcels in 6 months in our area I’ve tried Loans and family but neither is an option this isn’t a begging post but just an idea post I’ve sold what I can to get electric etc 
my oldest son is asd so he’s limited in food wanted to add partner is looking for more work Aswell 
sorry if not allowed 


  • Have a look at transferring your current account. When i switched mine to hallifax they gave me £100, and i had a similar deal with i think hsbc a few years back. It's not much but it could help bridge the gap xx 
  • Hey, are you still in need?Please learn about  credit cards and money planning here G The correct analysis of the information is needed to build a high-quality investment strategy in order not to leave life without money
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