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Stressing about my career with a baby on the way!

I just graduated a film production degree this year (at age 24) and was hoping to have a good graduate job by now (not totally fussed as to what). All my life I've worked in retail and hospitality for a low wage and I hate it! Currently work in an awful café that don't give breaks on 10 hour days, has no space and involves a lot of bending down and carrying things, so naturally I'm desperate for another job being 12 weeks pregnant. I'm just stressing out because I don't have a career yet and might be taking a lower paying job in order to ensure my own safety in the workplace, meaning I will only have like £200 left after my expenses! I'm just really scared and don't know what to do!
Help please!


  • Edit- I have started (this year) doing freelance wedding videography as a side gig but have yet to start earning money from it to call it an income!
  • Have you thought on looking for remote jobs? Ever since the pandemic started, remote working has increased and is now generally accepted. Even if it's for a little while only, maybe it would be a good idea to look for a remote position, even if it pays the same as your cafe work, but at least you would be comfortably at home and who knows, maybe it starts a path to your career. 
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