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How to afford a mortgage on maternity?

I've always wanted children but have held out trying for one until I got a house & a decent job. I've been with my boyfriend for almost 11 years, we have finally moved out of our tiny 1 bed flat into a 2 bedroom house. We discussed now is the time we should start trying for a baby, after reading it can take a year to get pregnant. A year? Well, we only started trying on 2 occasions, 3 weeks ago as I've been away for work since & I've found out I'm already pregnant. We're both shocked it happened instantly, we weren't expecting it but we're both happy! 
Now I'm worrying about how we're going to pay for the mortgage for the house, along with our other bills.
I earn a lot more than my boyfriend, and my work only pay me for 3 months maternity. I wanted to take 9-12 months maternity, purely because I don't want to leave my 3 month old with a stranger so I can return to work. I think it's too young. And even if I did do that, childcare is going to cost a lot & most don't look after them that young anyway.
I don't know what to do. I'd get 3 months full pay, 6 months stat pay (around £152pw) and then 3 months no pay at all (how can this even be a thing?) 

Has anyone else experienced living on maternity pay whilst paying out for a mortgage & other bills? Any advice? 


  • I think you need to save up before you give birth, so you have enough money saved up for at least 6 months. Or you can take out a small loan so that you have enough to pay all your bills, and then go back to work after 9 months. You will have more debt because of this, but you will be able to spend time with the baby. When my wife got pregnant, we didn't have an apartment. So I decided to take out a mortgage too. We thought for a long time when to buy an apartment, and we decided in Costa Rica, as it is a country with a good climate and low prices. The purchase of the apartment was fully financed by I have a stable job, so I am able to pay.

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