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child benefit (goes on a bit)


I checked my quarterly bank statement last month for the first time in ages and noticed that my chld benefit had not gone in after 3 emails i got a new claim form sent through to me. When i called this morning they said they had stopped the payments in feb 09 as they had sent a letter out and it was sent back saying not at this address. The guy said to fill in the claims form and send it back to get my payments started again, when i asked about having it back dated i was told only for a max of 3 months. The reason they stopped it was because that letter went back to them, now they have completly taken all my details off the systems and cancelled out everything so it looked like holly didnt exsist, does anyone know how i can take this further to get full back dated money. I'm sure if i owed them 12 months of money they wouldnt just ask for 3 back.

Thanks for reading my ramble



  • Hi hon, is there some sort of appeals procedure? Or CAB? You could try that - I take it you didn't return the letter to them? Did you move house at all during that time?

    The other thing you could try is your MP - they will deal with problems with centrally issued benefits, which I think child benefit is. Try this website:

    There is a section where you can email them.

    Hope this helps.

  • please correct me any1 if im wring, but i thought once you had filled out a form for child benefit it was automatically paid into ur account until child turns 16 or 18 if in FTeducation, ive only filled out a form for freya 5yrs ago and one for lolah when she was born 17mths ago, the only forms i have to do yearly are for the child tax credit, but i know if they dont recieve these forms then they will cancel payments. maybe talk to CAB to see what they advice. xxx
  • They do send you a letter every year when the entitlement changes, so maybe this was the letter that got sent back to them??
    did you move house then, and the new people would have sent that letter back?
    if so, then I guess they would turn round and say it's your fault for not informing them that you had moved.
    i'm just making assumptions here so forgive me if I'm wrong!! hope you can get it sorted though x x
  • i moved house 2 1/2 years ago and sent the slip away to change my address right away, but they are now saying they never got it, although they sent me a new claim form to the address i am living at? I have been told to fill in the back of the form and state what has happend to see if i can get the money back
  • Sounds like they are at fault then if they do have you new address without you giving it to them again now.
    I moved house in Dec and when I phoned tax credits they asked if they wanted me to inform child benefit too so if you have been getting tax credit awards posted to your new address then I would make the assumption that child benefit did have your address but have messed up somewhere
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