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I recieved a letter from TC saying that we owe them money as they overpaid. Without going into the ins and outs basically they overpaid by them not updating their system but still wanting me to pay for their mistake!?!?

I am so angry and frustrated! I don't know what to do. I have appealed but getting nowhere!

Can anyone help?


  • All I can say is keep apealing! If its not your mistake they can't expect you to pay! Good luck xxx
  • same thing happened to me a few months back and now i'm not getting anything til Dec 2010!!

    I am soooo angry with them I have always told them of any changes straight away, my husband has been out of work most this year and is now earning a lot less than he has ever done and they also stopped my child care element too so I am now about ??220 per month down and i've tried appealing but nothing has worked.

    They only overpaid me by ??600 so I can't work out why we're not entitled to anything until dec 2010!!

    i've given up with them
  • Thanks for your replies!

    Aw Claire A Belle that is shocking! How they manage to screw peoples claims up I just don't know!

    They are saying that they overpaid me around ??1500! I don't know how it could be that much considering this was supposed to have happened over a month!?

    I am so angry at them! Same as you Claire A belle I always inform them of any changes but to be honest I don't think that it has been updating in their system properlty. Cause they are too many people out they supposedly been overpaid!

    I am at teh end of my tether with them but we can't pay that sort of money esp when it was them at fault!!!!

    Aaaaarrrrgh! So frustrating!
  • oh ladies i really feel for you.
    I am a bit worried as I have always notified them of any change then rang back a few days later to notify again lol (i trust them not)

    I really hope you get this sorted & maybe see if you could get some legal advice as it just doesnt seem right to me
  • Your not alone, they over paid me and I'm not going to get tcs for 2yrs. Despite me ringing with mine and ohs p60 information. Apparently they forgot to put my ohs wage into the right place on their system. I was told by the tax credit person to appeal but got no where bcoz I ok'd the form. I missed read the line where it says total income, I thought it was for the current year, turns out it was for the previous one. So even though they had it, it didn't get pulled through to the total income part. I hope you get somewhere though I really do. The stress they cause is worse than the benefit at times x x
  • Hi,
    I know it's an awful situation to be in, but appealing won't change things unless their figures are actually wrong. If they are, and you can prove this, an appeal should be successful. If you're appealing because you don't think you should pay the money back as it was their mistake, unfortunately this won't be successful. I work for the DWP so have quite a bit of experience with this image
    If you go to you can put your figures in and it'll show you your entitlement, so you can try and figure out any errors yourself.
    Carly xxx
  • This is shocking, surely they should just make your payments less so you can pay it back over time rather thatn stopping you having anything all together, have you tried going to citizens advice bureau as they can look at all figures or help with appeal
  • This seems quite a common thing now for the Tax Credits Dept. We told them when we got married and lived together that we needed to make a joint claim and they said they would send the paperwork...we had to phone 3 times to keep requesting the joint application, and eventually we wrote to them with all our details, and new baby details. They sent a new award to us for a very small amount, and told us that both our previous single claims were finalised. Now we have received an overpayment notice for ??4k and yet even now when I call them they say I don't owe anything and that because we are receiving tax credits then our previous awards must be closed. But they still want the ??4k back, and have now told us that we didnt tell them of our change of circumstances??!! I now have to prove that they received our letter, so I am asking them to prove that I have received my overpayment letter. They also have said that they have no record of communication from me since 2008, so I now have to go through my itemised phone bills to prove I did call them on numerous occassions. Our view is that this 'proof of receipt of correspondence' works both ways, and because the 2008/2009 award period is now closed at their end, then so it is closed at my end too...they can't have it both ways!!

    Hope you all get your claims sorted.....!
  • Thank you all so much for replying!

    It is absolutely shocking that Tax Credits are getting away with this! If it was my mistake then fair enough but they made the error! I am going to write to them again! I am getting really upset and angry over this! You would think that they would realise that this is happening to loads of people then it must be a fault on their side as not every single person they are saying they overpaid is in the wrong!

    Aaaaaaaarrrrrrgggghh!!!!! Lets all get together and protest!lol
  • Mmmm, from memory I thought Gordon Brown said nobody would have to pay up if it was the tax office's error, so def worth appealing.

    Modified - was v tired when I wrote that last night, and it doesn't make any sense at all when I read the rest of your posts lol!

    Hope you get it sorted.


    [Modified by: xx Mims xx on November 24, 2009 01:03 PM]

  • Thank you all so much for your replies!

    Oooh I never knew Gordon Brown said that! Will look into that!
  • Hi,
    I haven't read all the details - so don't know if it's the same thing - but on the Martins Money Tips website theres a guide about disputing overpayment in tax credits.
    I can't copy the link but if you go to and search the site for tax credits it comes up.
    Hope this is of some use
  • Thanks for replying Carrie's Mom!

    I'll have a look just now!

    Fingers crossed this will work out ok!!!
  • Thanks for replying Carrie's Mom!

    I'll have a look just now!

    Fingers crossed this will work out ok!!!
  • Thanks for replying Carrie's Mom!

    I'll have a look just now!

    Fingers crossed this will work out ok!!!
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