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How to unsubscribe?

ANyone know how to unsubscribe from here?  I keep getting endless emails from here yet as my chioldren are 5 and 7 they and I are clearly outside the readership range for this website.

Following the unsubscribe link at the end of the newsletter leads nowhere useful.

Trying to log in and then find a useful unsubscribe link doesn't wlrk.

Emailing you via "Contact Us" doesn't work. 

I am pretty good at unsubscribing from most junk mail, but this website's emails are unstoppable and its VERY ANNOYING.



  • Me too! I am desperately trying to unsubscribe but I cannot find anything anywhere on this website. Maybe try My account and deselect the options so they cannot send you emails?
  • SusieMFMSusieMFM admin
    edited Jul 26, 2019 9:13AM

    Sorry you've had problems unsubscribing - it seems we've got a couple of gremlins in the works. Although we're sad to see you go, I promise we will let you go! 

    To stop this happening again, I've now unsubscribed you.

    Message edited by MFM 26/7/19

    If you find you’re receiving too many or not enough email notifications, which let you know when someone has replied to a thread you are on, mentioned you in a thread, or sent you a private message, you can change those notification settings. Here's how to do that. 

    While you’re on the forum, click the three lines, top left of your screen. 
    Press on your username.
    Scroll down and click on the little pink person icon, next to your username which looks like this  

    Select Edit Profile, then Notification Preferences.  
    Tick or untick the boxes and hit Save preferences.

    Any questions or if you need any help, please just post on this thread and tag @DanielleMFM

  • I can't unsubscribe as well!!! It is very annoying.. please can I be unsubscribed
  • hi I personally think the websit is great got loads of tips and advice  for all kinds of things and I genarly love the site keep it up
  • I agree, i don't get much chance to come on but when i do, i think it's great. Love catching up with the celeb gossip and seeing what everyone's talking about.
  • Please unsubscribe me as well.
  • SusieMFMSusieMFM admin
    edited Jul 26, 2019 9:14AM
    Sorry if you've had problems unsubscribing Elizabeth. I've now unsubscribed you.

    If anyone else has any difficulties unsubscribing, please let me know at [email protected]

    Rachael and Ella - great to hear you're enjoying the site


  • I'm having problems unsubscribing too.
  • Hi Sue,

    I've unsubscribed you from our email updates.

     Let me know if you have any problems,



  • SusieMFMSusieMFM admin
    edited Jul 26, 2019 9:17AM

    Dear Gavan

    I have removed your details so that you are no longer a member of MadeForMums. 

    Post edited by MFM 26/7/19
    To change your email subscriptions, please head to My Account.
    On the Emails tab, you can change your subscriptions, just be sure to hit Save Changes and you’re all done.

    Any questions, please just post on this thread or email [email protected]

  • Hi Tim,

    Sorry to see you go! You've now been removed.

    As Susie said in her posting above, if you've any more queries, please email [email protected]



  • Please unsubscribe me many thanks s lomas
    Email is [email protected]
  • Please unsubscribe me 

  • Hi have also now tried to stop emails there is no my details choice and no box to tick to stop receiving emails please can you unsubscribe me x

  • Please unsubscribe me.I can't unsubscribe as well!!! It is very annoying.. please can I be unsubscribed

  • Hi could you unsubscribe me from this, it no longer applies to me thanks

  • Please unsubscribe me too.  Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Desperatedan, thanks for your message - please can you tell us what you would like to be unsubscribed from? We have checked your account and you are not subscribed to any news letters. We suspect you might be talking about notifications to a forum thread? If this is the case, please just click on the thread and press the GREEN UNFOLLOW button. If you need any help, please do just let us know. 

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