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Has anyone had problems getting their lo to eat meat?
My lo is lactose intollerant so doesn't have cheese, yoghurt etc and I worry about giving her enough protein but she is not keen on meat or fish.
Any ideas?

Does anyone know any lentil recipes, I have never used them.


  • Kade is dairy intolerant so cannot have cheese, butter etc too but he is fine taking meats/fish and that so were not too bad on that score.

    Anyway a lentil recipe I use from the AK book is Lovley Lentils:

    1/2 small onion
    4oz chopped carrot
    1/2oz chopped celery
    1 tbsp veg oil
    2oz split red lentils
    7oz chopped sweet potato
    14fl oz veg or chicken stock

    Saute onion, carrot & celery in veg oil for 5 mins. Add lentils & s/potato and pour over stock. Bring to boil, reduce heat & simmer covered for 20 mins.

    Once done just puree up!

    Another good high protein thing that might be worth trying is Banana with Tofu. Just mix them both together! You can also mix it with other fruits like mango or peaches.

    Hope this helps image
  • I had the same thing. have you tried Quorn? It's packed full of protein and not half as chewy as meat and it blends really easily until they can eat the chunks as finger food. It also goes with anything (God I sound like a Quorn rep!)
  • Have found a solution, if I blend the meat right down and use one of the baby gravies she seems to eat it.
    Odd really as she loves lumpy food but it must disguise the taste or something.

    Tried Tofu but she was not impressed - thanks for the help, it's so good when you can just ask someone who has had the same problem.
  • unless it is pureed sonny wont eat it either, he just sort or plays with it in his mouth then spits it out in one chink, will eat any other lumpies but not meat, I suppose it may be too tough so dont' worry about it, I do the same, just mince all meat then add to veg & gravy. As long as he's eating it is all I care about now. image
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