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What soft cheeses can i eat?

i just want to know what soft cheeses i can eat.


  • are u pregnant ? in that case heres some rules to live by image

    ??????? Soft cheese with a surface mould such as Brie and Camembert
    ??????? Blue veined cheeses such as Stilton or Danish Blue
    ??????? Unpasteurised Dairy Products such as sheep or goat's milk
    ??????? Raw or undercooked eggs or uncooked eggs in foods like homemade mayonnaise, ice-cream, soft meringue or mousses
    ??????? Raw or undercooked meat
    ??????? Pate of any type
    ??????? Liver
    ??????? Seafood eaten raw or cold
    ??????? Peanuts or peanut butter if you or your partner suffer from any form of allergy including asthma or hay fever or if any other children in the family suffer from an allergy
    ??????? Unwashed fruit or vegetables
    ??????? Make sure ready-made foods are properly re-heated to kill off bacteria

    Most bought mayonnaise and ice creams use pasteurised eggs, which render the food safe.

    Although liver is an excellent source of vitamin A, if taken in excess it can build up in the liver and cause serious harm to a growing baby. However, the form of vitamin A derived from fruits and vegetables like red peppers, sweet potato, mango and tomatoes known, as beta-carotene is very good for you.

    High levels of caffeine can lead to low birth weight or even miscarriage, so cut right down. Current guidelines recommend mums to be to have no more than 3 cups of coffee a day. Remember that caffeine is also found in tea, energy drinks and cola so cut down on these too...

    hope this helps :\)

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