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Help me wean...

Hi- I have not long started weaning my son- still breast feeding though (although stopping soon as he's made my nipple bleed twice)

Okay so he's up to three meals a day 1) breakfast- ceral 2) rice or rusk and some fruit to finish 3) Mashed up meat/ veg followed by a fruit to finish all of these feeds are followed by a little top up of milk from me.

So what a am trying to work out is when does he no longer need me to top up after feeds and during the day? When can i start giving him just milk in the morning and evening and during the day what will he have instead- anyone who can just give me an example of how they do things that would be great.

Just so you know the details Jacks 5months (just over) and been weaning for 6weeks now (and he will eat anything)



  • hi it msy be a while until you drop your bottles as he's just building up the amounts of food and milk is still his main food. i found with my wee 1 that it seemed to happen with lead rfom her as she was fuller from breakfast so wasn't wanting her 10am bottle or would only have a few ounces... i think things like soft fruit rice cakes as a wee snack if you think he's not going to make it to lunch?
    my little onehad her last bedtime bottle a wk after her 1st birthday as i didn't want to drag it out or for her to be able to say bottle! i was lucky as like your wee 1 she ate everything good luck... i can highly recommend annabel karmel website and books
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