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just started weaning

Just started weaning fairly recently and now my lo is on 3meals (fruit and veg only as he's not yet 6months) but he's still having all his milk feeds (although he has a little less milk each time) should he be cutting a milk feed out some time soon? its so confusing, its like he's always eating!


  • Think it's a bit early to reduce milk, as your only giving tasters.Al x
  • My little one is doing the same thing, he is devouring his food, but only taking small amounts of milk. I have to give him feeds at 6am, 10am, 3pm, and 9pm, as he is only taking 4-5 oz each feed. Apparently they still need 18-20oz a day because the milk still provides a lot of nutrients. But I can't seem to keep my little one interested in his milk long enough to finish his bottle. He eats everything I give him though, including brocolli, so I don't know if he still needs all that milk. I just try to make sure I give him as much as I can.

    If anyone has any more advice on milk feeds, and how important this is, please let me know, as I am also confused a bit.
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