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Follow on milk

I am currently living in the Netherlands, and am coming back to London for a couple of weeks with my 15 month old daughter. Here she has "avond papje" before bed each evening, which is a sort of flavoured follow on milk. Is this available in the UK? Or is it just powdered follow on milk in large tubs? Thanks for your help


  • we use 'ready to feed' which is not powdered or in large tubs, it's available in 200ml bottles for 48p or 4x500mls for ??3.88

    We use cow and gate follow on milk which is vanilla flavoured (not many people realise this). I'm pretty sure there is flavoured milk in big Boots stores sold in little cartons with a straw which is aimed at toddlers no doubt, but I cannot find it on sorry.

    hope I've not answered too late
  • Hey, milk is very important for babies!! I know they crib a lot when it comes to milk, I totally agree!! My child amaira troubles me a lot when it come to milk!! i tell her, amaira i will allow you to watch cartoons as well, but baby have your milk, even then she wont comply!! there must be some magic, by which amaira, should start liking milk, I mean i really agree with you all , but you should avoid giving favored milks to your babies, because of some harmful preservatives!! recently, I heard about this site called hushbabies, so while I was going through the food and cereals I found this Heinz smooth vanilla custard, I just randomely got it, and its just so yummy and delicious!! Its a creamy custard, through which amaira likes to have her share of milk, so am happy with the fact that at the end of the day, she has her share of milk!! image

  • I adore dairy products. I agree that they are very useful


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