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HELP!!! bored with same old family meals


anyone got any good recipes for me to try for dinners? i have a 18mth old 4yr old and 5 yr old im so bored of spag bol etc


Amanda xx


  • A favourite of my three kids(3, 5 and 7) is this.......

    I do a bowl of grated cheese, a bowl of grated carrot, cucumber, peppers, spring oinions..chopped anything really..., and any other veg /salad in the fridge!. Depending whats in the house I either do diced spicy chicken or nuggets or spicy beef mince or tuna or ham etc list goes on.... with nice warm pitta breads or wraps. They all love stuffing a pitta full of salad n stuff and of course making their own wrap filled to the brim then trying to fold it is great fun too!!!
    I also add pasta/rice to the above menu if they are quite hungry that day lol!!

    My three love making samosas, you can put any filling in you want, my kids prefer spicy veg ones. You can buy ready made filo pastry so its easy peesy and fun for them too.

    how about homemade soup.soooo easy and if the kids help they eat alot more cos theve made it lol!!!

    Home made burgers, home made fish fingers and spud of their choice...I know its quite a regular family meal but again if its home made it tastes so much more yummy!

    Veg kebabs? kids can choose all their favourite veg and squewer them, cook in oven with a little olive oil for around 20 mins. eat with rice, wraps or on their own.

    home cooked buttered corn on the cob.

    Mini jacket spuds with favourite filling or let them create a concoction they fancy.

    My ds is very very fussy and i struggle to get him to eat veg but any of the above and he scoffs the lot lol.

    I hope these help, I use Nigella as my guide lol. there are a few kids meals websites I looked at too...cant think what they are called at moment though! you could do a kids meals search and see what comes up too. xxxxxxxxx
  • hiya amanda
    i swear by annabel karmel books she is great she has lots of health recipes to give your kids and also ones to make with them ! i dont have kids myself but i work in a nursery on i hav a bit in the news letter about feeding kids and babies & getting them to help in the kitchen ........ i get her books out the library or try
    hope this helps
    take care
  • Ooh babs3 your ideas sound fab

    i love making chilli and always add loads of different beans not just kidney beans and think this makes it really tasty, i would have it with rice or jacket spud or a fun one for the kids is to mix with rice and have on a warm wrap, a bit messy with little ones but they may be more likely to try new things if they get involved themselves

    i also love home made fish cakes, my BIL makes lovely ones with tinned tuna, mashed potato and herbs then covered in breadcrumbs quick easy and cheap too not to mention tasty, also easy to do with steamed fish too if you prefer

  • Hi Chriss can i borrow your BIL to make me fishcakes for tea....yummy lol.

    Not sure what we are having tonight, probably a mix of leftovers( junk mainly lol!) as I am so not organised today(went clothes shopping...naughty me lol)

    My eldest DD has discovered the yumminess of fresh grapefruit with a sprinkle of suger for breakfast in the morning....damm now I have to share it lol!!!
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