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Runny / Dippy Eggs!

Hi there!

Please could someone let me know when I can give / if I can give my 1 year old an egg with a runny yolk?



  • all i know is that they can have egg from the age of 7 months but i wouldve thought that was a hard egg. apart from that not sure ur health visitor would know
  • Hi ladies, I gave all three of my lo's runny eggs at a 10 months-year old. They are organic/free range farm eggs though as I was worried about supermarket eggs.
    If they are fresh and the whites are cooked I always though that it was fine. It didn't do my kids any harm either.
  • hiya all....
    heres a wee list of foods n wen to introduce them .....
    ??????? Gluten (wheat, rye, barley and oats) - 6 months.
    ??????? Citrus fruits - 6 months.
    ??????? Well-cooked eggs - 6 to 9 months.
    ??????? Soft eggs e.g. scrambled eggs - from 1 year.
    ??????? Added salt - limited amount from 1 year.
    ??????? Sugar - limited amount from 1 year.
    ??????? Whole cow's milk as a main drink - 1 year.
    ??????? Honey - 1 year.
    ??????? Shellfish - 1 year.
    ??????? Pate - 1 year.
    ??????? Soft or Blue cheeses - 1 year.
    ??????? Whole or chopped nuts - 5 years.

    If you suspect that your baby is allergic to a particular food, speak to your doctor who can refer you to a specialist. Do not exclude foods from your baby's diet without a proper diagnosis. If your baby does develop an allergy be reassured that many babies grow out of this allergy by the age of five
    hope this helps x
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