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any suggestions?

Hi my lo is 61/2 months and i'm really struggling on what finger foods to give her i got some biscottis which she loves,gave her some banana but it kept sliding out her hands any other suggestions would be gratfully recieved thank you!


  • loads! lol! my l/o's favorites are fingers of toast, cheese, apple and obviously biscuits/ crisps! mine also finds banana difficult. your could also try sticks of apple, potato/root veg. chips, rice cakes are good, fish fingers (don't know if that one's recommended but he likes them!) bread and butter. cherrios? not tried that one yet, she might be to little for that one!
  • breadsticks r good, mine also loved cheese (still does)
    u can get mesh holders for fruit and veg too so lo gets to eat without the choking worry, my lo always bit off too much apple and it freaked me out so i used a mesh thingy til he was 11m for hard fruits and veg. xx
  • this is from the bbc website on weaning.

    Another thing parents can do at this stage (which usually occurs around the age of 7 - 9 months) is to introduce finger-foods into their child's diet. Try to choose finger-foods that are not too hard, or slippery. Make them into sizes and shapes that are easy to pick up and chew. Almost any food can become a finger-food if you can cut it up into bite-size pieces - a few ideas are included here1.

    Steamed veggies such as carrot sticks, green beans, broccoli, and sweet potato sticks

    Small chunks of cheeses such as mild Cheddar and Edam

    Soft ripe fresh fruit, eg, banana, peach, seedless melon, papaya

    Soft cooked fruit, such as apple chunks and pear slices

    Canned fruits

    Ripe avocado

    Toast 'soldiers'


    Cooked pasta shapes with little or no sauce, or just grate a small amount of cheese on top


    Cherry tomatoes

    Unsweetened breakfast cereals (avoid those with honey or nuts listed in the ingredients)

    Cocktail sausages

    Bread sticks (check the salt content though)

    Fairy cakes (especially if you get an older brother or sister to help make them)

    Sponge fingers
  • HIya my health visitor told me to grate everything, apart from toast etc , but grate cheese apple pear etc! i done it for Lewis but he just wasn;t interested think he will be on stage 1 baby food till he is 20 lol
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