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starting my 4 month old on solids

my son has never been a great drinker and is a nice weifght but the exceptable level i guess you could say he is 13bls at 17 wks. we offered him baby rice yesterdau and he took loads! i only intended to offer him a bit. is there any right amount to offer? dont want to put him off milk any more? alos how do you increase it or again just go by them. i have been using the hipp organic website page with a weaning chart on there


  • I weaned my son at 19 weeks and he loved his nosh from the start. Like your LO he wasnt happy with just a couple of spoonfuls and ate the whole bowl. I cant remember how much but it was what was recommended on the packet. I started giving him baby rice at lunch time for a week then introduced pureed butternut squash which he loved too. We then gave him some pureed apples at tea time and a week later gave him baby porridge for breakfast. He was still taking his full bottle feeds until a couple of months later he started reducing them himself.
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