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One year old on formula milk or cow's milk??

Hi I'm really hoping someone will be able to help us,my daughter is one on Friday and I just don't know what to do with her milk. Health visitors are saying cow's milk but then I also have to give her vitamin drops plus she's not really wanting 20oz milk where as i've been looking at the 1yr cow and gate milk where they just have 2 small cups and has everything in with it? I just don't know.

If theres any other mums out there with one year olds I'd really appreciate hearing what you've decided to do

Many thanks


  • As soon as Kenny was 1 we switched to cows milk and he didnt really notice the difference. I used to warm it a little at first but soon he was drinking it straight from the fridge.

    At 18 months he has 2 cups of milk a day and milk in his cereal. He probably doesnt drink enough milk so he eats loads of dairy products. He drinks smoothies, water or weak squash.

    Kenny was 7 weeks prem and he also took vitamins and I used to put it in his milk. I stopped giving him these at 9 months as his doc said he didnt need them anymore.

    Kenny's weight has been fine and its a lot less faffing about. No more forgetting how many scoops of powder youv put in!! Or was that just me?
  • Hi there,

    Thanks very much for your advice but my daughter didn't take to cows milk she wouldn't drink it lol so we've put her on the cow and gate 1yr+ and she loves it image

    Thank you though image much appreciated!
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