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healthy(ish) snack suggestions....??

im only a few weeks pregnant yet my appetite has rocketed....

i dont usually eat a lot, cereal for breakfast, soup for lunch, then a main not someone who usually snacks but as im so hungry at the moment im really struggling to find things to eat which fill me up, and are relatively healthy.

does anyone have any suggestions please?!?


  • A few suggestions (although my diet hasnt been particularly brilliant recently due to having a cold and then a sickness bug).....

    Anyway, how about a baked potato with cheese and beans (good for fibre, calcium and protein), pasta (wholemeal pasta even better) with say healthy tomato sauce and veggies as these are filling. I like omelettes with onion, tomatoes and mushrooms and cheese which is good for you as eggs contain iron (which some women can lack during pregnancy) and obvioulsy the mushies and toms are good for you and i find omlettes are quick and filling for a lunch alternative.

    I also like to make my own vegetable soup and i make it a bit thicker so its more filling which is nice and warming in this weather.

    Also, with your main meal you could bulk up on lots of veggies (if you are into veg) which may help to fill you up plus you are getting lots of nutrients for you and baby. At this time of year, root veggies are in season and are nice roasted. I like to roast carrots, turnip, parsnips along with thick slices of peppers, corgettes, onion and a bit of garlic which is just yummy with your main meal and is filling.

    Just a few ideas - hope these are of some help!!

    Ange ;\)
    (24 weeks)
  • oh thank you so much....i feel so much more inspired!! (as well as hungry!) off to raid the fridge!!
    hope you're feeling better after all your bugs!
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