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Tips for sneaking vegetables into meals

All toddlers go through that phase of not wanting to eat vegetables! Whether it be the texture, the colour or the taste that they don't like, they just seem to stop wanting them. 

Amnnabel is ok at the moment, but I know that she too will go through this stage. So in preparation I have started to sneak vegetables into her food. Here are my suggestions:

Scrambled eggs - before cooking add spinach, mushrooms or peas/sweetcorn. 

Grate carrots, courgettes or parsnips into tomato based dishes like spag-bol or chilli, or lasagne, also you can add a handful of spinach before cooking as this will wilt. 

Make your own breads or savory muffins, add courgettes, sweetcorn, mushrooms, spinach, onions (with cheese).

Once or twice a week make a regular meal with just vegetables such as a vegetable chilli wrap, a vegetable pasta dish or a vegetable lasagne. 

Soups are a great way to get vegetables into your LOs diet, you can add cream, white bread or lots of potatoes to thicken them up.

Make a tray of roasted vegetables such as peppers, red onions, carrots courgettes and tomatoes, while roasted sprinkle with some feta cheese then mix with rice, makes a great meal hot or cold, so easy to take out for a packed lunch.


Just a few ways to sneak some goodness into your LO!  image




  • I'm hoping that not all toddlers go through this stage! My 2 year old loves vegetables and often asks for more! I have always told her what food we were eating (even when she was only 6 months) so she knows what vegetables we're eating when we have things like omelettes. Some nice recipes here though so thanks for sharing but if I were too use them I would tell my daughter what's in her food, even if it's something she's not overly keen on like mushrooms.

    Good luck with Annabel, I hope she doesn't go through this stage

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