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Breakfast inspiration needed!

Can anyone give me some inspiration for other breakfast ideas. O isn't a big breakfast lover (but I don't have breakfast until I've been up for hours so he's Ms be just like me!) 

He can't have cows milk so that rules out yogurts but we use oatly milk so have tried -

Various cereals - doesn't seem to like any!

Bagels or toast - will eat some of this 

Blueberry rice cakes - likes these but I can't give him them every day

Fruit - he is pretty good with most fruit but again I would like to try and vary things

What else does your LO's eat for breakfast? He's great with lunch, dinner and snacks! I try him with breakfast every morning and end up just giving him milk as I know he will drink it at least and I have to keep his calcium up since he doesn't get any from dairy


  • Muffins, crumpets, porridge. Could you do scrambled egg with his milk?

  • Eggy bread, omelette? X

  • What about drop scones/scotch pancakes? They can be made in advance and frozen so you could freeze in batches and take them out the night before. They can be made fine with df milk and you can experiment with flavours - banana, blueberry or savoury ones too, S likes spinach ones bizarrely!

  • Thanks ladies, noodles I didn't think of muffins, that's a great suggestion, I can do scrambled egg with dairy free spread I get for have but we have that as a lunch option rather than breakfast

    WT he's had a bit omelette a couple of times but doesn't seem to be a huge fan (my husband is Welsh and was appalled that he didn't like them lol!)

    Popcorn I can't believe I didn't think of pancakes, I love them and used to make them all the time, shows how long it's been since I made any!

    Thank you ladies, that's given me another good few opinions!

  • Crumpets go down well here. Saying that though, I am a firm believer in eating what you like at breakfast, doesn't need to be "traditional breakfast items" Pancakes are good as they freeze well and you can add fruit or spread with things like fruit puree.

  • Most of the suggestions above to be honest. With the cereal O will only eat it if it's dry so we just give him a handful of cereal on the side of whatever he ends up having for breakfast. He tends to prefer toast or something like fruitloaf/malt loaf for breakfast out of choice, we just try and vary the toppings up. Occasionally we'll also have a cooked breakfast too (as I'm on slimming world and it fits my plan!) And he loves the bacon, eggs etc!

  • Thank you, I'm trying crumpets tomorrow and going to give muffins a go.

    Coco O only really eats cereal dry too, so I'm glad to hear it's not just something strange he does! How are you?

  • How did the crumpets go?

    M loves scotch pancakes, I do them with fruit in and if she's not hungry of a morning she picks the fruit out and eats it!! She's quite fussy with breakfast though and is funny with cereal and will not eat eggs in any form! The other one that goes down well here is a toasted teacake (she pinched mine the other day, it was obviously more appetising than hers!)

  • They went down a treat! Was nice to see him eating something at breakfast! He's got a blueberry muffins for today, I'm on my way to work but I'll find out later how he got on!

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