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Who has any ideas on how to loose weight coz I need help 


  • Hi 😊 

    just try and take it step by step. Don't rush on loosing too much at once, better slowly. Cut the sugar from your diet, try and exercise daily (even 10 or 15 minutes are good!). Drink plenty of water, green tea with lemon. I know it worked for me 😁 good luck xxx

  • It's hard to explain ppl just call me fat and lazy but I find it difficult to cut out munching at night I want a substitute for pop choc n chrisp I love fruit veg and water just can't seem to loose weight 

  • Bless you! 

    have you seen your GP? have a blood test first to make sure there is nothing wrong with your blood values (FBC, thyroid function, iron, vitamin D, cholesterol - to name a few). I am not a doctor, this is just my opinion 😊 

    don't be hard on yourself- small changes everyday are the ones that matter xx 

    hugs your way xx

  • Thank you and I really want to loose weight for me and my relationship just can't keep up with it 

  • Definitely have patience, if you have high expectations of losing weight in a certain amount of time that could effect your motivation.  Try looking up fitness blogs or fitness communities.  You get all kinds of info on them from recipes to fitness tips and motivation.  Also pinterest is great too for recipes and at home exercises and things like that.  Good luck! 

  • You have to keep special diet. But at first you have to go to dietologist. He appoint special diet for you. Also you have to run and o o exersises every day.

  • I think, better just start doing sport. In this case, people can keep eating, what they want. But when they see, how much they have to run, jump etc, they would try to eat less.

  • all is simple, do not eat fried foods and are excessively fatty. Give preference to healthy and natural foods


  • Hi there, you need to start doing exercise regularly and eat balanced diet for weight loss.

  • If you're new to exercise, try starting out with walks every evening and gradually start jogging. The app couch to 5k is good for this! 

  • Eat vegetables and fruits. Avoid sugary drinks like soft drinks.

  • This topic is a little old, but it could still come in handy.

    One thing that really helped me loose weight besides cutting out sugary foods, processed foods, etc and sticking to fruit & veg and whole foods, is to track what I eat in a food journal. I used to do it on paper when I was seeing a dietician when I was younger, and it really helps staying aware of what we eat and how much calories we actually eat. At the moment I don't have time to see a specialist, so I'm sticking to the guidelines my previous dietician gave me and started tracking my food on a food diary app called Yazio ( which is free and much more handy than a notebook. You can set goals, receive tips, start challenges, etc..

    I've already lost 15kg using this app and I haven't gone off track yet (besides over Christmas where I indulged a little lol).

  • Yes, during pregnancy you eat carefully.
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