Involving your child with life activity at home.


Cooking is one of the best ways to involve your child in a group activity at home. Cooking will allow your young learner to learn about nutrition and groceries. Children will also learn basic cooking skills that they can use for the rest of their lives. Children learn by touching, tasting, feeling, smelling, and listening. They love activities in the kitchen because they can use all their senses.

Cooking is not only a fun, engaging activity for children but one that has been used for years as an important teaching and development tool for all ages. In my 16 years of managing different kindergarten and working with young learners, I have seen how a cooking have a major empact in children's Social-Emotional Development – Hands-on cooking activities help children develop pride and confidence in their skills and abilities. 


Fun! Last but not least, cooking is fun! Having fun with your child in the kitchen builds positive memories, good vibes, and good food. 

Follow me to learn how shall we as parents make a boundary with our beloved children in the kitchen through the simplest way of teamwork, cooking.

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