g/c newborns and xmas presents...

hi ladies and babies, hope ur all well

was wondering if i could draw on ur wisdom please? i'm due baby no2 on 9th december and would ideally like to get her something for xmas (gonna do a little stocking too with silly bits like socks, headbands, little rattle etc) but don't know what, we still ahve all of ds's baby toys (play gym, activity centrre, bouncy chair etc etc) so i'm at a loss of what to get a baby girl that could be anything from 5weeks to 1week old (won't be going fully over due as vbac/c section)...so wondered if u ladies in the know had any ideas? what did u get ur new bundles for their first xmas? ta muchly xx 28+5


  • Toby was due on 19 December so I made the whole family get him presents (and then he didn't actually turn up till January, lol!).

    He mostly got soft toys - the kind that he could hopefully keep until he has kids of his own. He also has little toys that DH and I used to play with and even one that my Dad was given when he was born.

    Toby really loved Lamaze toys so I would recommend those too image
  • Tess was also due 19th Dec, but she arrived 5th! She didn't have many presents for her first Christmas and she really didn't need them either. She had mainly clothes from relatives which were generally very useful. My sister bought her a rocking ladybird thing, which I thought was crazy (suitable for 9 months+...) but actually that was really good, because she loves it now and she wasn't going to be bought any toys like that under other circumstances. We're not the types to go out and buy big presents unless it's birthday or Christmas.
    We bought her a set of books for when she's much bigger and a couple of lamaze toys - the musical inchworm (which became toy number 1 very quickly and stayed so for about 6 months) and the foot & wrist finders which were a complete waste of time - no interest at all on her part.

  • hi, thanks for ur replies, i was thinking mroe somehting we could get her as i knwo family will get her soft toys, clothes etc anyway, i quite like the idea of the book set, although i'd feel a little mean putting them out of the way as i'm hoping ds (who will be 20 months at edd) and her will share their books etc as they get older so fell putting them away would be a bit mean to ds lol, don't know if taht makes any sense or if thats jsut my crazy pregnant brain lol....will look up the musical inchwrom and some lamaze toys, ds already has two different rocking toys and a ride on toy so do'nt really want to be getting anymore of those lol, especially as he would end up using it before her xx
  • I would get a really special fluffy teddy or comforter from you both and hopefully baby would use that as their cuddle toy. My mum bought ds a little White bear which is just big enough for him to cuddle and it's the best present ever for him. A special blanket is another idea..I'm just thinking of things that you could potentially keep forever and pass down the family. I already know that 'mr bear' will be Kept and given to his children.
  • we bought a couple just incase although Lily actually arrived on the 4th January....

    we had a teddy bear that used to be my Oh's when he was a baby, a wooden caterpillar that used to be mine when I was a baby, a set of dumbo the elephant gifts - a photoframe, a trinket box and a dumbo soft toy that plays music...

    my mum and dad gave her a blanket that was mine when i was a newborn - its gorgeous hand-appliqued with a scene of hills, houses and a hot air balloon in the clouds. so special...

    oh's mum knitted her lots of little cardigans and bought a 'baby's first christmas decoration'

    sentimental things are best image
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