Losing Weight

Hi all,

Well its offical i start my diet tomorrow! im looking for low fat recipes online but cant find much at all! does anyone know of any good websites for low fat recipes?



  • hi sammy

    so did you start? or is it like my diet i'll start tomorrow and never do

    i've done slimmers world and weight watchers in the past and found slimmers world the best

    i hope you did it good luck
  • Hiya,

    Yep started today and so far so good! Ask again in a few days and im sure it wont be the case lol..

    Im not doing any particular diet just eating healthy and get some exercise (cutting down on choccie!)
  • Hi there, there is a thread on 'Baby' forum and loads of girls are inspiring each other to lose weight. I think some of them are using a Tesco sight which is supposed to be good as it counts up what you've eaten etc and works out how much allowance you have left. I am doing Weight Watchers so havent tried the tesco site but it is supposed to be free.
    Good Luck
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