hiya all. just wanted to have a moan about the weather. can you believe we're in the middle of august.?:\?
it's pouring down where i am and really windy too.:\(
when i found out i was due in june i thought i was so lucky to be having a summer baby. i thought i'd be out all the time going for walks with my baby. instead i'm stuck indoors, all wrapped up and with a sore throat.
at least i've got my beautiful baby to brighten up my day:\)


  • i know, we are going to a garden party this pm and its feezing!!!!!!!!!! hopefully sept will be better x
  • It better be!
    We've got loads of shorts and t-shirts for our lo and he's hardly warn them. What a waste!!
    Last summer I was quite heavily pregnant and it was boiling, this summer I'm still on mat leave and it's pissing down all day every day!!
  • its crap!! we had the heating on last night & lo in thicker sleep bag,we were given loads of lush summer outfits & she's hardly worn them,we went to my brothers the other sunday the one were it was boiling & she had this lush little romper suit with matching head scarf,eeeeh she looked lush couldn't wait to show here off, we were there 5 mins she had a huge poo that went right up her back typical!!
  • Where are you from cloclo?
    I haven't heard the word lush for ages. Is it said a lot where you live?
    We say cool and class!
  • Hi i'm from Newcastle i say lush loads!!! prob too much image
  • I'm from Stockton on Tees. What a difference a few miles makes? We also say:-
    " i wouldn't dare..."
    " get this right"
    " ere"
    etc, etc, etc!!
  • We say "like " loads as well i went to university in middlesbrough & loads of people said they could'nt understand me!
  • lol
    Just got caught up watching itv1. It was about some bloke with 2 wives and 17 kids who lives off benfits!! Argghhhhh!
  • Oh thank god we missed it my dh would be ranting alnight one of his major hates! lol
  • hi cloclo i love the geordie accent, i happen to be a huge fan of ant and dec, do you say things like way aye man? i,ve always wanted to know what that meant, are things done differently maternity wise in newc or is it the same as everywhere else in country? i do know the further up north you go the less scans you get isn't that stange?
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