The girl next door told me about a playgroup so I took Daebhan but the girls were'nt very welcomin'.
I just wanted to leave from the minute I got there.. So maybe when I move there might be somewhere else I can go.


  • it is tough im not th sort for groups been 2 loads find them clicky i did used 2 go 2 one b4 i got preg with oliver was clicky 2 strt with but just kept on going. I think they thought she not going away better talk i actually ended up running it for a year. Found it hard though as im not snobby at all or judjmental but i tried 2 intoduce fruit for snack instead of biscs they all went crazy lol
  • ha,ha.. I can imagine. I have to find somethin soon or i'll be checkin myself into the nearest mental institute.
  • ha,ha.. I can imagine. I have to find somethin soon or i'll be checkin myself into the nearest mental institute.
  • tee he me too there is one quite near me hav already threatened my oh that im going t check in 4 a long holiday lol xx
  • lea do u know if ther is one near us. i would like 2 try it??
  • Hiya,
    Just seen your message on here. There should be one, definately but havent checked out where. I'll look up that little music play thing tomorrow and see if there is a session in Hamilton. I know they have them nearly everywhere round Lanarkshire. Its a playgroup but they give the children little music instruments and teach them songs and stuff...seems good...i'll let you know what i find
  • thanks i take eve 2 sign and sign finishin soon though. is it called jingles or somthing?? sounds good x
  • Was lookin that "musical minis" up and theres classes in East Kilbride, Wishaw and Motherwell but thats a bit of a trek. I see a car for them outside the community centre in Bothwell, I think its every Thursday so i'll keep my eye out tomorrow and if i dont see the car i'll go in and ask someone about it cos it's near enough to us. Theres a playgroup in the church hall but that finishes up this week for the summer. The girl next door told me about some play barn in uddingston as well so i'll ask her more about it.
  • im free on thur and fri if u fancy goin?
  • Didnt spot that car around so still dont know what days its on. Probably broke up for the summer. I'll be movin stuff up and down all week so i'll be around there to find out. I've loads to do with the house this week but if you wanna do somethin the followin week whatever day your off..... i should hunt out a toddler group by then and sure if i dont we can take the kids to the playbarn or somethin and have a coffee. I'll be offline until Thursday cos ive to take the pc up to the house and we dont have our broadband connection up there till thursday but i'll talk to ya then and give ya an update.
  • hey thats cool im free next fri. or the followin wk. wat every suits u best. u nearly all settled in? ive been so busy this week with work. startinpart time now so will be less tired x
  • Hiya hun................You must think im a bitch,not gettin back to you. Im after havin such a nightmare gettin a phone line up here. Got it connected yesterday but the broadband wouldnt work,i was freakin out. Only just got it workin about 10 minutes ago. So anyway, whats the crack. Hopefully you get this tomorrow and if your off durin the week we will definately, definately do somethin with the baby's. The weather is lovely and everythin this week so we can take them somewhere decent and tire them out. Send me your e-mail address and i'll e-mail you my mobile number and then you can gimme a txt if ya want. My mail address is [email protected]
    Hope your feelin ok, it will be so much easier on ya when your part-time. Have you cut your days down already?
  • yeah ur right u r a bitch lol. im only kidding. i thought that anyways. show r u? im ok and excited about scan on fri. i would love 2 meet up. but working 2mo. then packing on thur and getting organised for going 2 florida on sat. im away 4 2 wks so why dont we meet up when i come bac k. i will email u when i come home. we can catch up then. u settled in yet? working part-time now. mon tue wed and sat till 2.30 x
  • Florida?? You bitch...ha,ha. Youll have a great time. That scans after comin round real quick, good luck. Yea, mail me when ya get back anyway.
    Settlin in grand now that I have chairs to sit on. They only came today. My poor arse didnt know what happened to it stuck on the floor for the last 2 weeks,lol!!! Have a ball hun and i'll talk to ya when ya get back. x
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