OMG, i only watched about 5 songs and that was more than enough, they were the biggest pile of poo ive ever heard, the 1st i heard was ukraine it looked like sue pollard dressed as a spaceman lol. that show is sooooo tacky but i couldnt switch over, i thought i was doomed to watch the whole show lol.


  • I agree. I almost watched the whole show but turned it off at half 9. It's just so addictive cos its so shit. Terry Wogan makes me laugh so much though!!
  • I watche dit and i think it was the first year i was dissapointed. The whole lay out was crap the artists were ever craper. Serbia were dia, i dont know how they won.

    Our entry was more than a joke! Scooch,,, Pooch. We would have done better with Justin Hawkins.

    Thank God for Terry Wogan! Without him i defo wouldnt bother again.
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