new here

hi mums im new here and new to the internet so you may have to bear with me for a while lol.

im oliiva mum of jada 5 months, im 19 and a single broke mum.


  • hi olivia, welcome! im new aswell! im 20 have 2boys charlie hes 2 1/2 and jack is 6weeks 2day. hope 2chat soon xxxxxx
  • Hi olivia new 2 net aswell i have 3 boys kieren 8 samual 3 and oliver 7 months was in same boat as u at 19 with kieren horrid isnt it xx
  • hi olivia, i am not quite as new as you but i dont get much of a chance to look on here as much as id like. Welcome to the other new mums too. you will generally find we are a friendly bunch on here although i have seen some hormone imbalances coming out lately ! my little boy is 7 months old and we are moving home next week so im in a spin most days now. good luck to us all !!
  • thanks everyone your all so nice.. i think im gonna love it here.
  • Hiya Olivia. Im new here too. I'm Lisa. Im mum to Cealeigh 8, and Daebhan 1.
    I had Cealeigh when I was 19 and broke, know how much of a struggle it is. Welcome aboard.
  • HI Olivia, Im 23 and 18+5 weeks preg. Im not as young as you but boy do I understand about being broke!!! You will find this very addictive and within a week you will feel like you know everyone really well. Hope to chat to you soon. lvu Diane xxx
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